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Marlin Model 444, Cal. .444 Marlin

HS2922 ~ Marlin Model 444 in the big .444 Marlin Caliber, North Haven, CT. in "as new" condition in older Marlin Box.  This fine gun has the cross bolt safety, quick detachable sling swivels, factory Marlin butt pad and 21" heavy barrel, serial number 960138XX.  No company paperwork came with this piece but can easily be ordered free from Marlin.  Serial number 960138xx.  A fine big game rifle, we have this priced at SOLD... 

Taurus Model 94, 4" Bbl., .22 Caliber Revolver

HS0000 ~ Taurus Model 94, .22 caliber revolver with four inch barrel.  It has a nine round swing out cylinder, transfer bar firing mechanism, double action with very smooth trigger pull.  Has target features like case colored wide trigger and hammer spur and adjustable rear sight.  The gun is in like new condition in its' original black box with cleaning brush.  The serial # KH635xx puts it around 1991 manufacture and is item TAG94B4.  Excellent pistol for light carry or just plinking.  Offered at SOLD...  FFL required.

Savage - Stevens Company Guns 


PC2003 ~ (Top) Wards Westernfield Model 80, slide-action .22 caliber take- down rifle was made by Savage Arms Corp. as model 29.  Fine walnut stock with metal butt plate and matching ribbed fore end.  The 24" round barrel has folding-leaf rear sight and retains 98% dark blue finish.  Receiver has about 75% thinning blue with receiver sight attached which is missing sliding eye piece.  Loading is done by tube beneath barrel, also in exc. condition.  Overall the g un is fine and is offered at $xxx.00. ... BUY NOW ...  FFL required.  SOLD Stevens A T Co Group 4 .JPG (86231 bytes)Stevens A T Co Group 5 .JPG (82236 bytes)Stevens A T Co Group 6 .JPG (85756 bytes)



CL3001 ~ (Second) J. Stevens A. & T. Co., Chicopee Falls, Mass. Model 44 variant "Ideal Rifle", chambered in .32 long rim fire, Pat. April 17, 1894.  The serial Stevens A T Co Group 7 .JPG (112266 bytes)Stevens A T Co Group 9 .JPG (72838 bytes)Stevens A T Co Group 10 .JPG (57155 bytes) # K77 on this easy take-down, drop-block style "boys rifle."  It sports a 22" one-third octagon two-thirds round barrel with early "Beech" style folding front sight.  Fine rifling in bore but some pitting visible.  The walnut stocks are fine except for one fill-repair to right rear top of butt and also replaced Stevens A T Co Group 8 .JPG (100388 bytes)Stevens A T Co Group 11 .JPG (88996 bytes) butt plate.  Case coloring is visible in the protected areas only on this graying receiver.  Very little blue left on barrel and some light pitting visible.  Manufactured over 100 years ago this gun still in useable condition and still has eye appeal.  It is offered at $465.00. ... BUY NOW ...  Antique.


CL3002 ~ (Bottom) J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co., Chicopee Falls, Mass., "Crack ShotStevens A T Co Group 12 .JPG (102767 bytes)Stevens A T Co Group 14 .JPG (90576 bytes)Stevens A T Co Group 13 .JPG (100316 bytes) -26", in .22 LR caliber with 18" quick take- down round barrel.  The bore is fine, walnut stocks in fine condition but have been cleaned of all finish.  Barrel blue is 85% with minor pitting but no case colors remain to browning receiver or drop-block action.  Still a nice early "Boys Rifle" of by gone era and still useable. Offered at $xxx.00. ... BUY NOW ... FFL.   SOLD

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Remington Model 48 and Browning A5 Semi-auto Shotguns

HC2155~ (Top) Remington M48 "Sportsman" semi-auto, 20 gauge shotgun.  The 22" barrel with cylinder bore and front bead combined with old K3 Weaver Steel Wide View Scope makes a fine custom deer gun.  The S-1100 side mount puts the scope over the action.  The blue metal finish is excellent as are the walnut  stocks with the  Rem20 Brown Group 4 .JPG (82336 bytes)Rem20 Brown Group 8 .JPG (82145 bytes)exception of a toe crack on butt stock (repaired).  This very popular model shotgun was only made between 1948 to 59, serial # 38412xx. Nice light weight gun with fast action. Take the scope off for a fast shooting and short closet gun. Offered at $xxx.00 ... BUY NOW ... FFL required. SOLD

    Rem20 Brown Group 7 .JPG (85056 bytes)Rem20 Brown Group 2 .JPG (75550 bytes)  HC2153 ~ (Bottom) The Browning Model A5 Semi-auto, 12 gauge shotgun, made in Belgium, now entirely discontinued from the line, was and still is, one of the mostRem20 Brown Group 5 .JPG (78759 bytes)Rem20 Brown Group 6 .JPG (101029 bytes)Rem20 Brown Group 3 .JPG (80292 bytes) popular of firearms.  This model has the early style safety and round knob grip, but has a small bulge in the 27" standard barrel, too low to trim it to 18".  The wood is fine but a pad has been added, without cutting stock, as well as sling swivel studs.  The photo shows holes in receiver for scope mount and it appears to have an old re-blue finish, serial number 1543xx.  There is still life left for a nice deer gun or for a closet security piece, or more.  Offered at $xxx.00 ... BUY NOW .. FFL   SOLD   

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Antique Shotguns American Arms 10ga. Remington 12 gauge

PC2008 ~ (Top) This American Arms Company Single Barrel Shotgun has a top lever to break the action.  It is a 10 gauge with Damascus twist barrel and the action is cocked by a left side thumb lever.  Made in Boston, Mass. and patented March 21, 1882 and May 29, 1883 as "Semi- Group Antique Single Shotgun 2 .JPG (78128 bytes)Group Antique Single Shotgun 3 .JPG (75438 bytes) hammerless", Trade- Mark, serial number 2432.  Butt stock appears to be replaced with same size standard configuration and refitted with steel butt plate, fore end is walnut with checkering, a 1 1/2" sliver missing from top right front.  Receiver appears to have been silver plated with only traces remaining, the rest turning gray.  The bore appears in fine condition but being Damascus, it is not recommended to shoot and is sold only for collecting, non firing purposes; an appealing gray and brown twist configuration remains.  "J.C" & "S+S" are stamped on bottom of barrel.  The action is a littleGroup Antique Single Shotgun 4 .JPG (84515 bytes)Group Antique Single Shotgun 6 .JPG (88832 bytes) loose, the way I like my women, and is a heavy gun probably used for bird market hunting in the 1880's.  Offered at $xxx.00   Antique   SOLD


PC2009 ~ (Bottom) Remington Arms Company , Ilion, NY, 12 gauge single shot, top-break shotgun activated by top lever.  On the left side is a cocking lever worked with thumb action.  The serial # 6561 suggests an early manufacture period.  The 30" barrel appears to be steel with "P" stamped on bottom, however it may be of Damascus steel and not shootable.  The American walnut stocks are in nice condition and a fancy Remington butt plate Group Antique Single Shotgun 7 .JPG (90946 bytes)Group Antique Single Shotgun 5 .JPG (83210 bytes) is in fine condition with a few chips.  The action is tight and crisp but there seems to be a screw head broken off one screw on receiver bottom.  This is offered as a wall hanger for $335.00. ... BUY NOW ...  Antique

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Stevens Single Bbl. Shotguns


HS1106 ~ (Top) Stevens Model 940E, Savage Arms, Westfield, Mass., 16 gauge single shot shotgun top break by right side lever.  The 28" barrel made of forged steel has excellent bore, 2 3/4" chamber and 99% blue finish.  The receiver has 99% black finish (Japanned) remaining.  Hardwood stocks are excellent. No serial number (pre 1968) gun overall is in excellent condition. 

FFL Required or Dealer to Dealer Transfer ...  $000.00. ... BUY NOW     SOLD


CL3006 ~ (Bottom) J. Stevens Arms & Tool Company, Chicopee Falls, Mass., 12 gauge single shot shotgun, top break by top lever.  A fine bore still remains in the 30" electro steel barrel with 2 3/4" chamber and choke bored.  The hand checkered walnut stocks have some dings and scrapes, butt stock has two inch sliver from front bottom left and has original heavy hard rubber Stevens butt plate but chip on left side.  The case colored receiver has turned gray and the barrel finish is turning plum brown.  No serial number, entire gun needs cleaning but it has that old eye appeal that makes it worth the effort. This gun was made prior to 1898 and is an Antique requiring no FFL. ... $xxx.00. ... BUY NOW  SOLD

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Winchester Model 1897 Slide Action Shotguns

PC2010 ~ Winchester Model 1897, slide action, 12 gauge shotgun with 28" barrel, full choke and easy take-down mechanism.  The 1897 features an exposed hammer and has the capacity to fire in succession as the action is worked while the trigger is depressed; one of the features making this unique as a wartime trench gun and police action firearm.  The Win 1897 Group 3 .JPG (65220 bytes)Win 1897 Group 7 .JPG (79582 bytes) gun pictured on the top is serial number 2343xx which dates this as 1904 manufacture.  The straight butt stock is rare but appears to have a sliver repair in left grip area.  The fore-end is of the earlier 1893 style, both pieces of wood have been refinished and are in Win 1897 Group 4 .JPG (73230 bytes)Win 1897 Group 9 .JPG (84879 bytes) excellent condition.  The action and bore are also excellent.  The metal has been refinished to a proper dark blue and remains in excellent condition.  These guns are quite popular with Cowboy Action Shooting. 

We have this one priced at $xxx.00. ... BUY NOW FFL is required.     SOLD

Win 1897 Group 5 .JPG (78264 bytes)Win 1897 Group 10 .JPG (95533 bytes) HC2131 ~ (Middle) Winchester Model 1897 , slide action, 12 gauge shotgun with 27" barrel, modified choke and easy take-down mechanism, serial number 4997xx which dates it to 1910.  It has a pistol grip, fancy grained walnut stock and standard ribbed fore-end, butt has (Jostam, Mfg. Co.) rubber pad added (last patent date 1927).  The wood shows normal wear, barrel blue about 90%, receiver about 50% blue with rest smooth and browning.  Mechanism and action are excellent.  This gun has an overall pleasing appearance and is offered at ........ SOLD FFL required.


Win 1897 Group 6 .JPG (74254 bytes)Win 1897 Group 11 .JPG (86238 bytes) PC2012 ~ (Bottom) Winchester Model 1897 , slide action, 12 gauge shotgun with 27" barrel, full choke and easy take-down mechanism, serial number 1441xx which dates it to 1900. The bore is fine and the action is excellent.  Again, the fore-end is the early style and the butt stock is of the old Marlin style pistol grip cut which is in fine condition Win 1897 Group 14 .JPG (68570 bytes)Win 1897 Group 12 .JPG (69308 bytes) except for a long deep scrape on left side as pictured. There is only 15 to 20% blue on receiver area, the rest is browning with some surface pitting.  The barrel retains 90% blue but turning brown and the end of the barrel appears to have pitting or dings (as pictured).  Still the gun has a nice pleasing overall look and is in fine working order.

Priced at $xxx.00 ... BUY NOW ... FFL required.   SOLD

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Slide Action Shotguns

PC2013 ~ (Top) Savage Arms Company Model 1921 slide-action shotgun, 12 gauge with 30" barrel and full choke.  Easy take- down action and manufactured in Utica, NY circa 1921- 1926. Only 13,000 of these guns were made including trench and riot guns for the military.  This is serial number 130xx which suggests 1921-22 period.  The wood is excellent but has been refinished. All of the metal retains nearly Group Pump Shotguns Sav Hig Mar 3 .JPG (67360 bytes)Group Pump Shotguns Sav Hig Mar 7 .JPG (71481 bytes) 100% of a nice blue refinish and very few surface blemishes show thru the old refinish.  The butt plate has a rounded edge but is larger than the stock so it can be properly refitted and squared off if wanted.  The bore and mechanism are excellent and the gun has an Group Pump Shotguns Sav Hig Mar 4 .JPG (74244 bytes)Group Pump Shotguns Sav Hig Mar 8 .JPG (65122 bytes) overall fine look.  We have this priced at $xxx.00. ... BUY NOW. FFL required. SOLD


PC2014 ~ (Middle) J.C. Higgins Model 20 (made by High Standard Arms) 12 gauge, slide-action shotgun with 28" barrel and modified choke.  There is no serial number because manufacture was before the Gun Control Act of 1968. This is a quality firearm having the receiver forged from steel block, real walnut stocks with quality butt J.C. Higgins butt pad and an inlaid silver shield in stock.  The pistol grip is finished with well fitted cap and even the bolt was jeweled, probably made in the 1950's.  Sometime Group Pump Shotguns Sav Hig Mar 5 .JPG (83072 bytes)Group Pump Shotguns Sav Hig Mar 9 .JPG (73550 bytes) in the past it has been re-blued and now retains a slight plum tint to the overall metal finish, which is nearly 100%, though thinning.  The wood is excellent.  A fine quality shotgun and priced at $xxx.00. ... BUY NOW ... FFL required.  SOLD


HC1525 ~ (Bottom) Marlin Model 1914, Slide- action shotgun, 12 gauge with 26" Group Pump Shotguns Sav Hig Mar 6 .JPG (78419 bytes)Group Pump Shotguns Sav Hig Mar 10 .JPG (80762 bytes)Group Pump Shotguns Sav Hig Mar 11 .JPG (85804 bytes) barrel.  This is called the "Marswell's Model" because of  the patents and dates listed on the barrel ranging from May 12, 1896 through May 19, '08.  This is a take- down model and features the same trigger action as the Winchester 1897, by holding the trigger lock and working the slide action fires the outside hammer mechanism in a continuous action.  The barrel bead has been replaced with a red dot sight, the butt plate is cracked and damaged (as pictured) and the left side of the receiver has some surface pitting, otherwise the gun is in overall fine condition.  FFL required as the serial # A314xx suggests pre- WWI manufacture, this was a limited production model and we have it fairly priced at $495.00 ... BUY NOW ...

Bolt Action Shotguns


HS1123 ~ (Top) Westernfield Mod 160A bolt action, clip feed, 20 gauge shotgun with 26" barrel and full choke.  This 2 3/4" and 3" chamber gun was made by Mossberg for the Montgomery Ward Company probably in the late 1960's, serial # 463xx. The hardwood stock is in fine condition with a few dings, the metal retains about 98% blue with just some wear near the muzzle, bore is excellent.   This Group Bolt Shotguns 3 .JPG (54897 bytes)Group Bolt Shotguns 7 .JPG (72621 bytes)Group Bolt Shotguns 4 .JPG (70906 bytes)Group Bolt Shotguns 8 .JPG (95484 bytes) makes a fine first firearm or knock-a-bout rabbit and bird gun.  We have it offered at only $269.00... BUY NOW ... FFL Required.


Group Bolt Shotguns 5 .JPG (68173 bytes)Group Bolt Shotguns 9 .JPG (122267 bytes) HC2146 ~ (Middle) Mossberg Model 195K-A , bolt action, clip feed, 12 gauge shotgun with 26" barrel and the C-Lect choke system and vented barrel to reduce the recoil.  The dark American walnut stock is in excellent condition and has original rubber butt pad.  Metal bluing is about 99% and bore is excellent.  An overall fine firearm in excellent condition, that are on the verge of collectability and very popular in the 1950's - 60's.  There is no serial number.  Offered at $xxx.00 ... BUY NOW ..   FFL required. SOLD


Group Bolt Shotguns 6 .JPG (78089 bytes)Group Bolt Shotguns 10 .JPG (106640 bytes) PC2016 ~ (Bottom)  Stevens Model 58, "Savage Arms Corp ., Chicopee Falls, Mass." bolt action, clip feed 16 gauge shotgun with 25" barrel and "Savage Adjustable Choke" attached.  Hardwood stock is in excellent condition with very few dings and has a rubber butt pad.  The metal appears to have been painted black - possibly over some receiver pitting, but hard to tell - but also looks like it can be cleaned.  Overall this could be a fine looking gun with a little TLC, it has a fine bore and 2 3/4" chamber, no serial number.  We offer this at $xxx.00 ... BUY NOW ... .  FFL required.  SOLD



Double Barrel Savage Shotguns & NR Davis

PC2017 ~ (Top) Stevens Model 311 Series H, 12 gauge side by side double barrel shotgun with 28" barrels.  Manufactured by the  Savage Arms Company, Westfield, MA. with serial number D1713xx, c 1960's.  It has a chamber that will accommodate 2 3/4" and 3" shells.  It has a light colored hardwood stock with beavertail fore end, in excellent condition but appears to be Group Dbl Shotguns Sav Davis 3 .JPG (63420 bytes)Group Dbl Shotguns Sav Davis 7 .JPG (77543 bytes) refinished.  The receiver has nearly 100% case colors and barrels about 97% bright blue and the bores are excellent; chokes are modified and full.  The gun is a little heavy but is a fine condition double at reasonable price.  Offered at $xxx.00 ... BUY NOW ... FFL Group Dbl Shotguns Sav Davis 4 .JPG (81026 bytes)Group Dbl Shotguns Sav Davis 8 .JPG (86480 bytes) required.  SOLD



PC2018 ~ (Middle) Stevens Model 311E, 12 gauge side by side double barrel shotgun with 26" barrels.  Manufactured by Savage Arms Company, Westfield, MA. with serial number A4871xx.  This has a hardwood stock with beavertail fore end both in excellent condition, with pressed checkering.  The case coloring on receiver is about 90% but fading, the barrels seem to have possibly been wiped clean more vigorously that should have and this outside wiping wear may have Group Dbl Shotguns Sav Davis 5 .JPG (84978 bytes)Group Dbl Shotguns Sav Davis 9 .JPG (84007 bytes) been re-blued, hard to tell.  overall the gun looks good, has 2 3/4" chambers, probably choked modified and full, it would make a good closet gun or knock about hunting piece.  Offered at $xxx.00 ... BUY NOW .. FFL required. 


PC2019 ~ (Bottom) "N.R. Davis, Sons, Ajax, Davis Warner Arms Corp., Norwich, Conn., USA."  Box lock, 12 gauge side by side shotgun with 28" barrels, missing butt stock.  The case colored receiver is excellent and retains about 90% colors and the barrels are excellent overall with a few surface pitting marks to the exterior.  The splinter walnut fore end is excellent and numbered to the gun, serial number HE198X.  If you have a Davis that needs parts you're in luck because all the parts are here and in fine condition, the only exception is that the trigger guard is broken off at the rear screw hold, but is one of the easiest items to Group Dbl Shotguns Sav Davis 6 .JPG (91170 bytes)Group Dbl Shotguns Sav Davis 10 .JPG (98044 bytes) replace.  Actually all this fine piece needs is the butt stock.  Perhaps just the right project for a fellow with a pen knife, a hunk of walnut and a lot of free time. We offer it at $xxx.00 ... BUY NOW ... FFL required. SOLD

Individuals must have modern guns shipped to a dealer, a FFL holder but Antique or Black Powder Arms can go direct to an adult buyer. 

Marlin Company Group  of .22 Caliber Rifles

HS1231 ~ (Top) Marlin Model 60, semi auto .22 LR only.  This is an older model with hardwood stock, serial number 093170xx, and action is tube fed holding 14 rounds.  It has a 22" barrel, bore is excellent and the action holds open on last round.  The Group Marlin 22 Rifles 2 .JPG (83217 bytes)condition is like new but has several scratches on top receiver where scope was mounted.  We offer this at $xxx.00 ...  BUY NOW  nbsp;  FFL required.     SOLD


HS1589 ~ (Second) Marlin - Glenfield Model 25, bolt action rifle, .22Group Marlin 22 Rifles 3 .JPG (84001 bytes) cal. short, long and long rifle, fed with 7 round clip magazine.  The serial number is 273933xx and the hardwood stock with sling swivels, and  bluing to metal and 22" barrel, are in like new condition.  We offer this at $xxx.00 ... BUY NOW ... FFL required.   SOLD


Group Marlin 22 Rifles 4 .JPG (87336 bytes) PC2021 ~ (Third) Marlin Model 25N bolt action rifle in .22 LR caliber only.  It is a 7 shot, clip fed gun in as new condition.  Serial number is 095354xx and has hardwood stock and 22" barrel.  Offered at $xxx.00 ... BUY NOW ... FFL required.  SOLD


HS1652 ~ (Bottom) Marlin Model 782, .22 Win Magnum, bolt action rifle, has walnut stock with pressed checkering, hooded front sight and micro-groove rifling.  It has Group Marlin 22 Rifles 5 .JPG (85454 bytes) a 22" barrel and is serial numbered 146967xx.  It is new in box but has been on display, now discontinued from production. Offered at $XXXXX ... FFL required.       SOLD


We have a used Model 782 in fine condition, .22 Mag.   $ 395.00



Savage Company Semi- auto Group  of tube fed .22 Caliber Rifles

HS1654 ~ (Top) Savage Model 6D semi- auto rifle, .22 caliber S, L, & LR, tube feed with 24" barrel. It has an easy take down screw in a dark walnut stock in excellent condition. Made in the 1950's it has no serial number.  A unique feature of the time was the knob to hold the bolt closed so you could fire both short and long Savage Group Tube Feed 22 2 .JPG (85362 bytes)cartridges as single shot and release the knob for semi- auto fire of long rifle. The bluing is excellent as is the bore, nice classic rifle. The only wear is to the base of the aluminum trigger guard.  Priced at $295.00. ... BUY NOW ... FFL required.


HS1538A ~ (Middle) Savage Springfield Model 187, Series A, .22LR caliber, semi- Savage Group Tube Feed 22 3 .JPG (85120 bytes) auto, tube feed rifle with 20" barrel.  The serial # B7588xx is with a light color hard wood stock and is in overall like new condition. It is now discontinued and we have it priced at $195.00. ... BUY NOW ... FFL required. 


PC2022 ~ (Bottom) Savage Model 135, "Revelation, Series H" .22LR caliber, semi- auto, tube feed rifle with 20" barrel. It is serial # D7761xx and has a dark color Savage Group Tube Feed 22 4 .JPG (85730 bytes) hard wood stock with pressed checkering.  Except for five or six small dings or finish chips in the stock it is in as new condition.  It is now discontinued and we have it priced at $xxx.00. ... BUY NOW ... FFL required.  SOLD


Winchester Company Old Lever Action Rifles


PC2023 ~ (Top)  Winchester  Model 64, .32 Win. Special , lever action pre- 1964 rifle. It has a half magazine, 24" barrel, a smooth action and excellent bore.  Serial # 14501xx was manufactured in 1947 and retains 90% blue but has some slight barrel pitting and on top of bolt and someWin Group of 4 Lever Actions 2 .JPG (67647 bytes)Win Group of 4 Lever Actions 4 .JPG (101280 bytes)Win Group of 4 Lever Actions 5 .JPG (88727 bytes) receiver pitting (see photos). The stocks appear to have been refinished and a three inch section of toe at butt has been re-glued.  It is still a fine  hunting gun made just after WWII and has  the classic look and feel that is so popular today.  Priced  Win Group of 4 Lever Actions 6 .JPG (82156 bytes)Win Group of 4 Lever Actions 7 .JPG (80814 bytes)Win Group of 4 Lever Actions 3 .JPG (128969 bytes)reasonably at $xxx.00. ... BUY NOW ...   SOLD

FFL is required to ship interstate.


PC2024 ~ (Second)  Winchester Model 94 Eastern Carbine in popular caliberWin Group of 4 Lever Actions 15 .JPG (80978 bytes)Win Group of 4 Lever Actions 14 .JPG (84325 bytes) .32 Winchester Special.   This has a standard 22" barrel with full magazine and pre-war, long fore-end and special order shotgun butt.  A hooded ramp front sight and rear buckhorn mount the full blue barrel.  The swivels are of the period but obviously have been added.  The finish and bluing are excellent.  This is a fine pre-war carbine manufactured in 1941 with serial #12376xx.  Win Group of 4 Lever Actions 18 .JPG (83387 bytes)Win Group of 4 Lever Actions 19 .JPG (87932 bytes)

We have priced this gun at $695.00. ... BUY NOW ... FFL required.


P- 8005 ~ (Third)  Winchester Model 1894 Lever Action Rifle with Special Order Win Group of 4 Lever Actions 9 .JPG (83230 bytes)Win Group of 4 Lever Actions 11 .JPG (86912 bytes) pistol grip stock and 22" octagon barrel in .30-30 caliber.   This is a real classic gun with a fine bore but the wood has been well cleaned.  The receiver retains some blue but it is turning gray.  The buckhorn sight has the "horns" ground down, it was somewhat customary in some places.  A great wall hanger or Cowboy Gun or still some hunting life in this old piece.  Serial # 520903 was made in 1910 Win Group of 4 Lever Actions 13 .JPG (100505 bytes)Win Group of 4 Lever Actions 8 .JPG (90393 bytes) but shows its' age with dignity.  Priced at $xxxx.00. ... BUY NOW ... FFL required.   SOLD


PC2026 ~ (Bottom)  Winchester Model 94 Lever Action Carbine, pre-64 in .30-30 caliber.  This gun was made in 1963 and is serial number 25597xx and has the standard 20" barrel and short fore-end.  A niceWin Group of 4 Lever Actions 21 .JPG (84403 bytes) buckhorn sight and Win Group of 4 Lever Actions 20 .JPG (86199 bytes) hooded ramp front sight mount the full blue barrel with an excellent bore.  The walnut stocks are in fine condition but the swivels have been added.  This is a fine hunting carbine that everyone looks for and at the right price of $695.00. ... BUY NOW ...   FFL required. 



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Sterling Arms Semi- Auto Pocket Pistols

HS0000 ~ (Top) ... Sterling Arms, Model 300S Semi-Auto Pocket Pistol in .22LR, mfg. in Lockport, NY.  Made of stainless steel with brushed finish, 2 3/8" barrel, has black plastic grips with silver logo.  When produced this was a quality little gun at an inexpensive price in an excellent caliber and this example is in like new condition.  Now discontinued, we have serial #E0662xx, priced at Sterling Arms Pocket Pistols 2 .JPG (122700 bytes) $xxx.00 ... BUY NOW ...   FFL required. SOLD



HS1922 ~ (Bottom) ...  Sterling Arms Model 300B Semi-Auto Pocket Pistol in .25ACP, mfg. in Lockport, NY.  Dark blue finish to alloy frame, steel slide and 2 3/8" barrel with black plastic grips.  Gun has a seven Sterling Arms Pocket Pistols 3 .JPG (118791 bytes) round magazine and was quite a reliable little pistol.  It is in like new condition with exception of some speckling on back strap, serial #00823xx. This is discontinued and we have priced it at $295.00. ... BUY NOW ...  FFL required.



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