When we buy an estate or a houseful or just a pile of boxes in a storage area we never know what may turn up. Jewelry, trinkets, things and small items of all descriptions accumulate from these sites all the time. On this page we will begin our attempt to sort them through and hopefully pass them on. Enjoy

I have just priced 160 pieces and sets of Avon Jewelry, all pieces are new in the original boxes. Click on "Avon Jewelry Inventory below. Too many pieces to picture but you can probably Google the name of the piece to see what it looks like. If that fails I can take pictures and email them to you. Eventually, when we have time, we will take pictures


A Collage of Fine Jewelry
Unique Gifts

We find these boxes of men's and women's jewelry and other items of all assortments.  We will present the marvelous to the mundane, the good and the broken, the gold and some that just glitters and you may find a treasure or at least a trinket.

Plus ~ See Our Avon Jewelry

Avon_pearl_like_necklace_with_pendant 1
Avon Jewelry

This is a sample of our Avon Jewelry.

Avon_pearl_two_strand_necklace_w_earrings 2.JPG

Jew Grp one 2
Jewelry Groupings of Chain Necklaces

1) Left ~ Group of four choker necklaces, approximately 15" in length. Left to right, a) Gold color V with flat, black teardrop decoration suspended from chain; b) Solid yellow metal heart suspended from gold color chain; c) Yellow metal charm ring on chain with roller skate charm and letter T charm; d) Yellow metal chain with square decoration and clear stone in center.  Priced at $xx.00 ...  BUY NOW SOLD

Jew Grp one 3
Jewelry Group

Middle ~ Group of four choker necklaces, approximately 15" in length. Left to right, a) white metal horseshoe with clear stone in center yellow metal chain; b) Yellow metal pendant with imitation pearl dangle on yellow chain with interchangeable clasp; c) Yellow chain with rounded charm with raised ring "LC" in script on tag near clasp; d) Yellow chain with jade shamrock with interchangeable clasp.  Priced at $15.00 ... BUY NOW

Jew Grp one 4
Jewelry Group

3) Right ~ Group of three necklaces, approximately 16" in length. Left to right, a) Yellow metal chain with yellow metal teardrop holding a simulated opal; b) Yellow metal chain with cleft style charm that appears to be able to accept a stone or pearl in concave area; c) Yellow metal chain with yellow Koala holding a very bluish opal style stone suspended from a yellow metal chain. SOLD

Assorted Groups of Costume Jewelry

4) Left ~ Single necklace brooch, yellow metal tube and ring necklace with very pretty yellow flower- like pendant with aqua stones.  Clasp is marked Germany  Priced at $10.00 ... BUY NOW Jew Grp two 2

Jew Grp two 3
Jewelry Necklace Group

5) Middle ~ a) Silver color metal chain with tear drop pendant decorated with what appears to be abalone in deep turquoise hues; b) A 19" yellow chain with oval pendant decorated with highly polished limpet shell; c) A 20" yellow metal chain in alternating sections of 3/4", 1/4 turn yellow bars amid 3 dark brown striated diamond cut stones. Priced at $18.00 ... BUY NOW

Jew Grp two 5
Jewelry Bracelet Group

6) Top ~ a) This 6 1/2" bracelet appears to be sterling but no markings. Has a triangle cut finely sectioned chain; b) 7" yellow flat metal in twisted configuration to form a chain (unmarked); c) A 7" yellow metal bracelet comprised of linked parallel bars. Priced at $10.00 ... BUY NOW

Jew Grp two 4
Jewelry Pin Group

7) Bottom ~ a) 1 1/2" yellow metal owl with clear stone eyes and dark green ovoid body; pin is signed "GERRYS" on reverse; b) A 1 1/2" yellow metal graduated heart shaped pin signed "GERRYS"; c) A 1" yellow metal heart shaped pin with cream color enamel, has graduated hearts in gold color on enamel, signed "Monet" Priced at $28.00 ... BUY NOW

Jew Grp two 6
Jewelry Necklace Group

8) Right ~ Two Pendants. a) 16" silver colored chain with 1 1/4" heart with heart shaped cut out to encase red, ruby colored heart shaped stone; name "FRAN" engraved in block letters on the heart; b) 18" silvered chain suspending a 1" pewter horseshoe. Priced at $x.00 ... BUY NOW. SOLD

Jewelry 1940's Set of Necklace and Earrings

9) This necklace is 21" long consisting of 2 strands of 1/2" white oval beads interspersed with 9 strands of fine seed shaped beads, paired with clip on earrings each being a cluster of seed shaped, white beads. The clasp is marked "Hong Kong". This piece dates to pre WWII. Priced at $48.00 ... BUY NOW

White Plastic Bead Set 2

Jewelry Necklace of Silver and Shell

10) German silver 15" choker necklace with unique screw type clasp on twisted metal tubular sections on a wire interspersed with 4 white shell beads that suspend a triangular shell section. Priced at $23.00 ... BUY NOW.

Shell and Silver Necklace 2

Jewelry Souvenir Pocono Bracelet

11) Yellow metal 7" bracelet, older souvenir of the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. Priced at $7.00 ... BUY NOW

Avon Jewelry ~ We just bought over 170 boxes of vintage Avon jewelry in original boxes and many with the original sleeves for the boxes. Date range from 1970's to 2000.

We are working on a special "Avon Jewelry Page."

Avon Jewelry Group

12) Left ~ a) An 18" adjustable yellow metal chain suspending a 1" yellow metal rectangle with black inset with clear stone; b) Open yellow metal heart hanging on a 19" adjustable yellow metal chain; c) A 16" yellow metal chain suspending an elongated maple leaf with a clear stone set on it to simulate rain drop; d) the letter "D" in yellow metal attached to an adjustable yellow metal chain. Priced at $28.00 ... BUY NOW


Jew Grp six 3
Avon Jewelry Necklace Group

13) Middle ~ a) 24" yellow metal chain with 2 tubular white beads; b) Yellow metal filigree ball with small Christian medallion on bottom, suspended from 15" yellow metal chain; c) 20" yellow metal chain with cross held on by detachable clasp; d) 15" yellow metal chain with star of same color. Priced at $21.00 ... BUY NOW

Jew Grp six 5
Avon Jewelry Ring Group

14) Top ~ a) White metal ring size 8 with diamond shape inset on an oval with oval pink stone, (looks like rose tourmaline, which is alternate October birth stone); b) White metal ring size 6 1/2, consists of band of overlapping rings; c) White metal ring, adjustable from size 5 1/2 to 7 1/2, showing hearts curled around each other. SOLD

Jew Grp six 4
Avon Jewelry Pin Group

15) Bottom ~ a) Yellow metal pin openwork cat with silver color overlay on tail with push pin back; b) Crescent moon pin with clear stone for eye and 2 tiny stars dangling from chain, push pin back; c) Yellow metal pin shaped like key - bottom of key is the fastener. Priced at $14.00 ... BUY NOW SOLD

Jew Grp six 6
Avon Birthstone Necklace & Earring Group

16) Right ~ Avon set includes 19" adjustable yellow metal chain with gold tear drop holding emerald green stone; matching tear drop pierced earrings with same emerald color stone, in Avon box. Priced at $22.00 ... BUY NOW

Chain Necklace and Bracelet Set

17) A 17" silver color chain with multiple links with matching 7" bracelet, marked "Korea". Priced at $10.00 ... BUY NOW

Chain Necklace Bracelet Set 2

Richard Hudnut Face Powder Box

18) A 2 1/4" x 1" high, cardboard advertising box from "Richard Hudnut, DuBarry" face powder, 7/8 oz. size. Priced at $30.00 ... BUY NOW

R Hudnut Box 2

Indian Lake, NY Advertising Comb Set

19) Older advertising pocket sets from Indian Lake, New York, in the Adirondack Mountains, a 5" leather pouch holding pocket size comb and nail file, pair with one set complete. Priced at $17.00 ... BUY NOW

Group of Four Earring Sets

20) a) Sarah Coventry gold color clip on earrings with pearl type tear drop; b) Jadeite color stone on yellow metal clip on earrings; c) Yellow metal color knot style pierced earrings; d) Screw type dangle earrings with aqua and clear stones - one stone missing at top of one earring. Priced at $18.00 ... BUY NOW

Deco Earring Set

21)A pair of pierced deco style earrings of aqua rectangle in plastic (or Bakelite) with small, raised flower. Priced at $10.00 ... BUY NOW

Kiwanis Member Pin

22) Kiwanis International member lapel pin, approximately 1/2" diameter with push pin clasp. Marked on back "Leavens" maker. Priced at $12.00 ... BUY NOW

Men's Swank Boxed Set

23) Gold color cuff links and tie bar set marked "Swank" in original "Swank" marked hinged box. Priced at $25.00 ... BUY NOW

Toronto, Canada Pin

24) Enameled maple leaf pin with "Toronto" on bottom on original card marked "Souvenir of Canada" with 25 cents marked on back of card. Priced at SOLD

Men's Tie Tac Group

25) A group of 3 push back tie tacks or lapel pins. a) A round silvered metal circle holding a pile of miniature rocks; b) Gold color mallard in flight, 24k gold overlay, made in USA; c) A gold colored Queen's crown. Priced at $15.00 ... BUY NOW

Co. Advertising Pins

26) 3 advertising pieces; a) Gold colored tie bar with red and gold color shield with RTV, marked General Electric in circle on the reverse; b) White shield with green cross stating "A SAFE DRIVER FOR ONE YEAR" on top; c) New York National Guard pin, round gold and blue colors with image of NY state, at top "The Guard is Family" Priced at $15.00 ... BUY NOW

Olympic 1968 Tie Bar

27) USA Olympics tie bar with Mexico 1968 on front, Hook Fast Company, Providence RI marked on reverse. Priced at $20.00 ... BUY NOW

Elk Pin

28) Silver color horseshoe with Elk inside sporting an amethyst color stone on its head. Marked MIZPAH with double hearts on an arrow on reverse of horseshoe. Not sure if this is an official BPOE pin or just a horseshoe with Elk. Priced at $12.00 ... BUY NOW

Telescoping Pencils

29) Pair of telescoping pencils a) 1 1/2" tie bar that telescopes to 4"; b) Also a 2 1/2" pencil that telescopes to 4" which is on an 18" chain, both are silver in color marked "Japan" Priced at ... BUY NOW SOLD

Telescope Pencil Pair 1