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We Have Hundreds of Military Collectables and All are Absolutely Authentic unless described Otherwise!  We Can E-Mail more or other photos to you on Request.  We have many more items in stock than what is listed here.
Military Firearms
A portion of our Militaria Window Display with Nazi Battle Flag, Helmets and Uniforms as well as many swords and bayonets

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US Civil War Officer Sword  

1b) US Non- Regulation, Civil War Era, a Model 1833 Style Officer's Sword with scabbard. The blade measures 32 1/4" US Officer CW Non Reg Sword 8 .JPG (59277 bytes) & o/a the sword is 37 1/2".  It has a slight curve with a single edge and 2/3 fuller terminating at false edge of blade.  "US" and scrolls are on reverse while "Eagle and Motto" are on obverse of blade. The etchings are worn, the blade has no nicks and it is in fine condition, marked "W. Clauberg, Solingen" with US Officer CW Non Reg Sword 5 .JPG (96332 bytes)US Officer CW Non Reg Sword 2 .JPG (101910 bytes)US Officer CW Non Reg Sword 6 .JPG (92572 bytes) standing knight, also "Proved" in circle. The hilt consists of a twisted wire wrapped sharkskin grip in 90% fine condition but only about half of full wire wrap remaining.  Also a double bow guard and birds head back strap, all of steel, now turning gray.  The steel scabbard fits blade well and has two loop hangers and a full drag.  There are two US Officer CW Non Reg Sword 3 .JPG (74504 bytes)US Officer CW Non Reg Sword 4 .JPG (77388 bytes)US Officer CW Non Reg Sword 7 .JPG (92376 bytes) creases midway in scabbard.  The style of this sword fits the 1822  English Pattern that was used for early US Regulation Swords.  This seems to be an elusive sword to find in the normal sword books that I have checked.  If you want to own an authentic piece of history from our Civil War this would be a fine purchase.  We have priced this scarce item at only $xxx.00 ... BUY NOW.   SOLD



Rare Middle Eastern Commando Knife

1c) Here is a rather rare Middle Eastern Commando Knuckle grip knife with original sheath. This rare knife is listed in Ron Flook's book on British and Commonwealth Military Knives on page 208, item #503.  It has an unmarked 6" heavy single edged blade with brass knuckle grip.  Actual blade dimensions are 1 1/6" wide and 3/16" thick, the overall length is 11 5/16", the base of the grip or hilt is 3/8" thick with slight taper to 9/16" overall knuckle grip thickness.  The condition is excellent Middle Eastern Commando Knuckle Knife 3 .JPG (68078 bytes)Middle Eastern Commando Knuckle Knife 4 JPG.JPG (99725 bytes)but the blade has of course been sharpened and there is a very small nick in edge which can be ground out.  You see, these were actually used by Commando's and believe it or not, they actually sharpened their blades, just to make a point to the guy who says, "Too bad it was sharpened!" Tough! Go find a better one. There is a Commemorative Middle Eastern Commando Knuckle Knife 5 .JPG (95949 bytes)Middle Eastern Commando Knuckle Knife 6 .JPG (120638 bytes) one out being offered at over $800.  I have this sharpened Commando knife with excellent original scabbard priced at only ... SOLD.

Nazi Silvered RAD EM WWII Hewer with Scabbard 

2b) Early Nazi RAD Hewer for Enlisted Men, Model 1934 and maker marked by Carl Jul. Krebbs in an oval.  This heavy silver hilted with silver mounted black painted scabbard has no other markings except on the blade is the standard etching of Arbiet Adelt meaning "Work Ennobles."  The stag slabs for the handles are well figured and secured by two screws with nuts, all in fine condition.  The design is from an old German hatchet with eagle head grip and heavy scimitar style clipped blade.  These knives, or hewers, were meant for use by the members who were issued them by the RAD organization, a workers group formed in the 1920's and 30's to alleviate the high German unemployment problem, similar to what was done here in the USA as the CCC.  When Hitler came to power all eligible men were obliged to enter the RAD for six months of training prior to military service.  In 1943 the RAD was armed and militarized.  This dagger was probably made in 1936 or so as there are no unit markings after that time but still is a heavy blade with silvered fittings.  Later ones were nickeled and also made of aluminum.  The blade on this piece has been sharpened for use and there are use marks on the back strap of blade and also back of grip indicating applied force.  It appears that the scabbard has been repainted and one side has a covered corrosion roughness.  There is a nice over all patina to the silver and the use marks actually give this piece of working history a pleasing eye appeal. This is a wonderful collector piece of the Second World War and these early ones are becoming rare.  We have this one priced at $xxx.00 BUY NOW.




Nazi Police Sidearm WWII 

2c) Nazi Police Side Arm but without scabbard. The heavy straight blade has been sharpened and has a few deep pitting marks that were polished over, it measures just under 13”.   The maker mark has also been obscured slightly and appears to end with --oss.   With all these problems … the hilt and grips are super.   The deep cut eagle head pattern and oak leaf cross guard are great. The stag slabs for the handle are heavy with deep crevices. The police emblem appears to be silver over brass with full design.   If you have a scabbard to marry with this it would make a great example of an authorative and imposing item of the Nazi Police State during World War Two.   This is a stiletto dagger not a bayonet, thus the use of the term sidearm.   We have this great piece priced at $xxx.00 … BUY NOW. SOLD

Nazi Iron Cross Second Class WWII

x) Nazi Iron Cross Combat Award, Second Class with Ribbon, not hallmarked.  This is a fine example the bravery of a German soldier fighting for his belief in his country's cause. A two piece medal of German Silver layers sandwiching the iron cross and suspended by the ribbon of German National Colors.  One side has the Nazi WWII Iron Cross 2nd Class 2 .JPG (92913 bytes) swastika and dated 1939 and the other dated 1813.  Without hall mark this was probably made later in the war.  We have this priced at ... $xxx.00 ... BUY NOW.   SOLD

Nazi WW II Combat Helmet M35


x) Nazi Model 1935 WWII Helmet with standard rolled edge.  Fine condition to period repaint, no decals and missing internal liner. This is an original wartime shell brought back by a US Veteran and can be used in display or with repro liner for re-enacting or Harley Riding. It is missing one retaining grommet for aluminum band that holds the missing leather The inner helmet is well marked on front and side.  BUY NOW ... $xxx.00.   SOLD

We have several other helmets with liners but missing straps and repainted with fake decals added ... $275.00 each liner. 

Nazi M35 Helmet no decals or liner 5 .JPG (66382 bytes) Nazi M35 Helmet no decals or liner 1 .JPG (73783 bytes) Nazi M35 Helmet no decals or liner 2 .JPG (102108 bytes) Nazi M35 Helmet no decals or liner 3 .JPG (102866 bytes)
WWII Books -

Book Page Link 

x) Two Books by Albert Speer, a) "Inside The Third Reich", 1982 Bonanza Books, HC,  DJ, illustrated, excellent condition. b) "Spandau", 1976 Macmillan, First Edition, HC, DJ (tattered), illustrated, excellent condition. ... BUY NOW .. pair $xx.00

USA MP Cap  more photos

6)  US Army, Military Police, White Service Cap with Black Peak and all Insignia,  Leather band, size 7, some marks on the white vinyl cover, otherwise in excellent condition ... BUY NOW ... $xx.00.  SOLD

Also have US Midshipmen's Hat from Annapolis, white and in excellent condition. ... $65.00.
Nazi SA Dress Dagger WWII
8a) WWII Nazi SA (Storm Troopers) Political Dagger with scabbard. This is an original, untouched WWII vintage Third Reich item worn by an SA Trooper and brought back by a US GI.  It is in overall excellent to near new condition with, I believe, a rose wood grip, nickeled cross guards and proper painted and fine fitting scabbard. The like new blade is marked RZM for the SA Nazi SA M7 56 RZM 4 Nazi SA M7 56 RZM 3 .JPG (37318 bytes)Nazi SA M7 56 RZM 2 .JPG (29035 bytes)acceptance and M 7/56 for the WWII makers mark.  This is one of the finest examples I've had to sell with but the faintest of corrosion beginning after sixty or more years since it was given to a Nazi Trooper with his reverence to "Alles Fur Deutschland."  A must have piece for any collector of Third Reich items and a blade in finer condition will be hard to Nazi SA M7 56 RZM 5 .JPG (47883 bytes)Nazi SA M7 56 RZM 6 .JPG (27347 bytes) find today.  The grip and fitting are excellent as is the Nazi Eagle and SA logo. There is one dark spot on reverse of lower crossguard that shows poor storage, it was resting on a piece of leather for many years.  Scabbard has a few light scratches from use but is excellent overall.  Any collector should be well pleased with this purchase and we have it offered at $xxx.00. ... BUY NOW.   SOLD

WW II Nazi Mauser Bayonet

8b) WWII German Bayonet for K98 Rifle with Scabbard and Frog. Blade marked 43 cqh, 5294 and is exc. except top strap of grip is dented, Arsenal remark on scabbard to 5294, 43 cvl. Has excellent white stitched black frog marked "RB Nr. 0/0566/0015" ... BUY NOW ... $xxx.00


  SOLDWWII German Bayonet K98 5 .JPG (81623 bytes)WWII German Bayonet K98 6 .JPG (71060 bytes) WWII German Bayonet K98 4 .JPG (77169 bytes)



We have several of these Nazi era bayonets that fit all the type 98 Mausers and they range in price from $175.00 and up.

John Ek Military Fighting Knife

10) John Ek, Military Fighting Knife with Original Sheath, Patton Model, #6G254.  WWII period and in excellent condition from a unique maker, now deceased, made in Hamden, Conn.  One of the best in combat military knife collectables ... 

WW II Nazi Canteen

12)  WWII Nazi, German, Military Canteen and cover.  Aluminum body with tan, wool cover with snap fasteners ( small wear hole in cover ) original aluminum cap, leather strap is in fine condition but bottom strap missing tail. ... BUY NOW ... $xxx.00  SOLD

Three WW II Bayonets

13)  (3) WWII Bayonets, a) German Mauser 1898 pattern with wood grips, 15" over all in good condition.  b) Spanish Model 1916, 20 1/2", over all in good condition.  c) British Enfield No. 4 MK II, arsenal marked, 9 3/4", over all in good condition. ... BUY NOW ... all 3 pieces ... $xxx.00


Three Enfield Bayonets

16)  (3) British, Military Bayonets for Enfield Rifle No. 4 MK II, Three different variations, arsenal marked, WWII period and forward, over all in fine condition ... BUY NOW ... $xx.00  SOLD

WW I German Bayonet

18)  WWI German Military M1898 Butcher Blade Bayonet with scabbard for G98 WWI Mauser, marked "Dietrich, Altenburg" on blade, original wood grips, o/a very good condition but scabbard has some dents. ... BUY NOW ... $xxx.00



20)  WWII US Navy, MK I Fighting Knife, mfg. by Camillus, NY with USN Mark I Sheath, BM Co., excellent over all condition, but blade has been sharpened (probably by the sailor who used it during the war). ... BUY NOW ... $xx.00 SOLD

WW II USN MK 2 Knife

22)  WWII US Navy, Mk 2 Fighting Knife, mfg. by Camillus, NY, excellent condition. ... BUY NOW ...  USN WWII Mk2 Fight Knife, Cam 2 .JPG (37111 bytes)$xx.00     SOLD

Mini USMC K-Bar

27)  Miniature K-Bar style USMC Fighting Knife, 7  1/2" o/a, leather grip, metal blade marked "USMC 3572".  Letter opener???  Like new ... BUY NOW ... $xx.00.    SOLD

Nazi SA Dagger
27a) Nazi SA (Storm Troopers) Political Dagger with scabbard. This is an original, untouched WWII vintage Third Reich item worn by an SA Trooper and brought back by a US GI.  It is in overall fine condition with an apple wood grip, nickeled cross guards and proper painted and well fitting scabbard.  The fine blade is marked RZM for the SA acceptance and M 7/27 for the WWII makers mark.  There is some minor staining to blade with typical wear and corrosion to base metal guards, the top one with small crack beginning.  Nazi SA Dagger RZM7 27 3 .JPG (39724 bytes)Nazi SA Dagger RZM7 27 4 .JPG (42104 bytes) This style dagger was among the first issued and a must have for a military blade collector.  This is a fine example of a bygone era of history and can be a personal reminder to guardians of future liberty.
Nazi SA Dagger RZM7 27 6 .JPG (36886 bytes)Nazi SA Dagger RZM7 27 5 .JPG (36181 bytes)
We have this priced at ... $xxx.00 ... BUY NOW.

Nazi Army Dagger
28) Nazi Army Officers Dagger & Scabbard, blade marked "F. W. Holler, Berlin", white plastic grip, eagle with swastika cross guard.  The blade alone is 9 3/4" and over all it measures 15 1/2" in the scabbard. ... BUY NOW ... $xxx.00  Current, New Nazi Army Off. Dag and Scab, New 2 .JPG (51090 bytes)Production.

Nazi Luftwaff Helmet
30) WWII Nazi Style, Double Decal Luftwaffe Steel Helmet.  Lt. gray paint, non-regular leather liner & chin strap, Luft & German Shield decals (applied), has metal strap in front part of helmet. Probably a Spanish repaint. Great for re-enactor, and WWII Ger Style Helmet, Luft 3 .JPG (35630 bytes)wearable. ... BUY NOW ... $xxx.00 

WW I USN Cutlass
31) US Naval Cutlass Model 1916 WW I Issue. Single edge, blued blade, cutlass curve with clipped point. Fuller runs 3/4 length of 24" blade. Formed sheet metal full guard also blued. Walnut slab grips attached by  3 metal rivets. Blade mkd "MILSCO", no scabbard. Cutlass is in excellent condition with normal wear. This is the last of the USN swords issued for combat, used into WW II period ... BUY NOW ... $xxx.00  SOLD

Nazi Army Helmet
32) WWII German Nazi Style Steel Helmet, rolled edge with rear hanger.  Dark green paint over red base.  Exc. Shell mkd. "DM 62", Exc, leather chin strap & liner mkd. "56".  Overall Exc. cond. .. BUY NOW ... $xxx.00 SOLD

SS Officer Cap
33) Nazi SS Officer Cap, Political, Black felt & velvet band, Deaths head & Eagle Insignia, Bullion bands & chin strap.  Plastic inner shield is worn,  mkd. "Berlin", leather sweat band used slightly.  Looks very authentic, but old remake. ... BUY NOW .... $xxx.00

Luftschutz Combat Helmet
34) WWII Nazi Luftschutz Steel Combat Helmet,  rolled edge, mkd. "Q64  - 1940", most bright blue, original paint but wear to top.  Very good leather liner & chin strap.  Very good silver emblem decal.  Nice collectable. ... BUY NOW ... $xxx.00  SOLD

US Helmet with Horns

35) WWII US Army steel helmet with a nicely fitted pair of steer horns attached.  Helmet has been painted black, it needs inner shell, there is no chin strap.  Great for Harley Man or WWII US Army Helmet With Horns 2 .JPG (29319 bytes)Horny People.  In very good condition and well done. ... BUY NOW ... $xx.00   SOLD

US Army Patches, Viet Nam

41)  US Army Patches, Viet Nam era, Seven different. There are four subdued divisional insignia, standard army logo, POW ~ MIA civilian patch and colorful Special Forces patch.

... BUY NOW ... all $xx.00   SOLD

WWII US Navy Binoculars

43a) WWII US Navy Binoculars, 3X, coated brass, "US Naval Factory Annex, Rochester, N. Y." Exc. lenses, working, sun shield extensions, pre-WWII ... $xx.00 ... BUY NOW.

US Navy binoculars 3 .JPG (52302 bytes)


Foot Powder, Viet Nam Era

44) US Army Foot Powder tins, two one ounce cans, Viet Nam era excellent condition. ... BUY NOW ... both cans $xx.00


WWI US Corpsman's Bolo

45) WWI US Military Corpsman's Bolo Knife, "SA, flaming bomb, 1913", "US, 35036". S curve brass guard, excellent walnut grips with finger grooves, nice blade but some light pitting, o/a very good condition. ... BUY NOW ... $xxx.00 

WWI US Mil Corpsman Bolo 2SOLD

WWI US M1917 Bolo 

46) WWI US M1917 Bolo Knife, "US, MOD., 1917 C.T.", "Plumb, St. Louis, 1918", excellent blade, fine, two piece walnut grips.  With exterior web cover to rawhide inner sheath (which is missing). Leather tip marked "AK-CO 1918, RHS", WWI US M1917 Bolo and Sheath 2 excellent condition. ... BUY NOW ... $xxx.00


WWII Era Nazi Buckle

47) WWII Nazi, enlisted man's, Army Belt Buckle with leather tab.  Gray/green paint about 50% remaining, excellent tab marked "H. Aurich, Dresden, 1942" ... BUY NOW ... WWII Nazi Army Belt Buckle 1942 2 .JPG (36201 bytes)$xx.00


Just got in an Army Belt Buckle without the leather tab but as above, clean metal and one rear belt prong is broken off, still useable and completely authentic ... $42.00 ... BUY NOW .

WWII Nazi Party Gau Pin

48) WWII Nazi GAU Political pin, "D.V.G., WESTMARK (Lothr)", with red swastika in center. 23cm, silver, pin back, reverse marked "RZM, M9/312".  Authentic, excellent condition. ... BUY NOW ... $xxx.00


WWII Nazi Party Pin DVG 2

Luftschutz Gladiator Helmet

50) WWII Nazi Luftschutz early, 3 pc. Gladiator Helmet. Rolled edge, Exc. blue paint & emblem decal.  Exc. 3pc leather liner & strap with Name.  Shell marked "RL2-39/2, Hbchstpreis, Rm. 8." andWWII Nazi Luftschutz Gladiator Helmet 3 .JPG (52535 bytes) "Vertrieb genehmigt gemdss & 8 Luftschtzgesetz."

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50 A & B) WWII Nazi Luftschutz early, 3 piece Gladiator Helmet. Both have rolled edge, excellent blue paint and emblem decals. One has a three piece leather liner and strap and the other the finger style liner with strap. 50B appears to be a re-issue while Nazi Luftschutz Steel Combat Helmet Pair 2 .JPG (98578 bytes) 50A has the shell marking of "Vertrieb genehmigt gemdss & 8 Luftschtzgesetz". Both are completely original and exteriors are in excellent condition.  The differences are in the liner condition and style.  50B also has a better decal and strap.

Nazi Luftschutz Steel Combat Helmet Pair 3 .JPG (105296 bytes)Nazi Luftschutz Steel Combat Helmet Pair 4 .JPG (99261 bytes) 50A ... Liner is somewhat stiff and does have a finger or two damaged.  The chin strap is fine. 
... BUY NOW ... $xxx.00   SOLD

Nazi Luftschutz Steel Combat Helmet Pair 5 .JPG (94426 bytes)Nazi Luftschutz Steel Combat Helmet Pair 6 .JPG (93933 bytes) 50B ... Liner is soft but dry and does show wear and some damage. The chin strap is excellent. 
... BUY NOW ... $xxx.00   SOLD

Belt Plates
51) 3 Belt Plates, a) Georgia State House Buckle, Confederate States of America b) Plain Buckle or Breast Plate (?) c) US Army Indian War Period Buckle ... BUY NOW ... $xxxx.00  SOLD

Sulfanilamide Tin with Contents

55) US Military Tin, "Sulfanilamide",  Full with 12 tablets.  For wounded soldiers.  Like new condition, 1950's.
... SOLD
Naval Trophy from India

56) Inscribed Naval Trophy, Silver Plaque,  "With Compliments of the Indian Navy", 6 3/8" wood base topped with cast silver shield of anchor and 3 lions atop, (obverse & reverse the same), 5 1/2" high and in excellent condition. ... SOLD

Tank Sight

61) Military Tank Sight, unmarked, olive drab green, 27", coated optics, adjustable objective, fine overall condition.
... BUY NOW ... $xx.00   SOLD

Army M4A1 Periscope

62) US Army Periscope, M4A1, has  adjustable coated optics telescope lens M47A2 in unit (Stock number 7578382)  Overall fine condition with fine glass and lenses however one round securing clip is missing, see thumbnail. ... BUY NOW ... $xxx.00

US Army Periscope, M4A1, Complete 2 .JPG (83925 bytes)Also available is another triangular lens unit replacement, sold with or without Periscope, again, see thumbnail.  
... Buy Separately for $30.00.

Just got another site in that the seller claims was from a German Tiger Tank ... nice condition, similar form but much simpler in design. ... $xxx.00.  SOLD

US Military Bronze Star

64) WWII, US Military Bronze Star Award with ribbon bar, victory "V" attached and lapel pin, no box but excellent condition.

... BUY NOW ... $xx.00   SOLD

US Military Officer's Mess

65) US Military Officer's Mess Set in box. Serves 8; teaspoon, fork, knife, spoon, plate, bowl, cup, two serving bowls, tray, teapot, coffee pot, salt, pepper, most are marked "Mirror, Nash US" no dates. Also, "12/12/77 Field Chest, Tableware Outfit" on box, excellent. ... BUY NOW ... $xxx.00


German Radiation Detector

66) German Radiation Detector Unit, dated June, 1955. Exc. cond. but box has an empty compartment, no instructions. ... BUY NOW ... $xxx.00 German Radiation Detector Unit 2 .JPG (103886 bytes)


CWP Carrying Case

67) "Canvas Carrying Case, Type CWP 10027A", only marking. Approximately 17" X 11" X 9" wide, with shoulder straps, zipper two sides, reinforced, heavy duty pack, c1930, exc. condition.  Saw one in Syracuse that had USMC on it.

... BUY NOW ... $135.00   SOLD

WWI US Victory Medal

73) WWI US Victory Medal with Ribbon and three bars, inscribed "The Great War for Civilization". Bars; St. MIHIEL, MEUSE - ARGONNE, DEFENSIVE SECTOR. ...

BUY NOW ... $xxx.00   SOLD