This page may take a while to develop into actually selling items because I can't figure out what to part with. I have the large Lionel Standard Gauge units plus my own 1950's vintage trains and Plasticville of childhood days and a ton of HO stuff that I enjoyed building lay-outs with ... but no time to enjoy any of it. I either have to start selling it or start my second childhood. Plus all those tools and lanterns, pictures and timetables from this Mechanicville, NY Rail Yard area ... well, let's see what develops.

Fate - Root - Heath, Co. of Plymouth, Ohio Engine and Train

This Engine and Passenger Car of the Fate, Root, Heath, Company of Plymouth, Ohio was an attraction at the defunct Frontier Town in the Adirondack town of North Hudson, NY.  It was sold this past year with track and switches at auction.  I wanted it but where to put it?  I even offered to act as agent for any buyer but I found Frontier Town RR 2 Frontier Town RR 1 none at the time for this little jewel.  I don't know the details of sale but it is now history.  If any one out there in TV Land wants something like this in the future, let me know.  Another deal always surfaces.  But you need cash in hand and unhesitating candor.  Plus, shipping or delivery arrangements can be expensive and time consuming.  Seek and ye shall find is my belief.

Need a Boxcar or a Bridge?

You never know what one finds out and about on the back roads of old USA.  Several cars and caboose abandoned Raging Waters 2003 October 29 5 on a forgotten spur or a bridge to your Private Island. The limit to one's toys is only judged by pocket size of the boys.  I'm always willing to help spread the wealth.

Anyone Want to Create a Super Train Layout?

Well, I'm sure there is but you also have to be near Mechanicville (or want to travel on occasion) and want to work on this project more as a labor of love, hobby or Historic Preservation. I am seriously considering transforming my 38 North Main Street basement floor into a massive layout depicting the City of Mechanicville in HO Scale with the old Train Yard.  Naturally we can't do the whole of Five Square Miles plus (I only have a 30' X 60' layout space) ... but we can pick the dominate aspects of the area.  Like the Train Yard, the City proper, the Trestle Bridge over the Hudson River, the Champlain Canal and the Barge Canal that it replaced, also the West Virginia Paper Mill, Schools, Mills, and Brickyards.  I didn't think that was exciting enough either so I want to do it at the turn of the Century, say 1895 to 1915.  Oh yes, all in working order and full operation, naturally.  Add a Railroad Museum, Repair Shop and Gift and Book Store and you begin to get an idea of the scope of this dream project.  What a tourist attraction we could build. 

Anyone out there want to get involved in building a super Train Layout?

Contact me at 664-9743.  David Petronis

Lionel Electric Train Set in Original Box

Lionel Train Set complete in original box ...$325.00 ... Buy Now.

Lionel Train Set Boxed 2

Marx Electric Train Set in Original Box

Electric train set by Marx in its' original box # 4205.  Comes with Locomotive #490, NYC Coal Tender, NYC Blue Train Set Marx 4205 2 Gondola Car, NYC Orange Pacemaker Caboose and eight curved track with electrical hook.  Also has original # 309 Transformer, all from the 1960's era, complete nostalgia set.  Cars are heavy plastic with metal wheels.  The train is in excellent condition but box does have some age fading, we have this priced at ... $195.00 ... BUY NOW.

Lionel Standard Gauge 384E with Caboose

This fine old Lionel Standard Gauge 384E Steam Locomotive and Caboose does have a repaint to it.  Otherwise Lionel O ga Loco 384E 1 all original and in fine operating condition.  I brought this to one of my Gun Shows and it was the first thing to sell at $795.00.  A lesson here folks, gold is where you find it.   SOLD

Doepke Tractor and Trailer

We do try to find these old things too when we are out and about.  We also have several pickers who stop in with who knows what on a continual basis.  We put items like these on our Toy Page. ... Link.

Electric Train Set by Marx with 666 Loco

Description  SOLD