On this page we will conduct Silent Auctions of various merchandise.  We will run this page on the web and simultaneously on our shop second floor at 38 North Main St. in Mechanicville, NY.  Generally, the time frame will span a two week period affording ample time for viewing.  It will close at a prescribed time but if activity is still in progress on a particular item that silent auction will close five minutes after the last activity.  To bid you must register a current credit card with proper name and address with our site (see below). You will then be issued a number and unique "bidder name" of your choice for use in bidding.  A minimum bid amount will be given to all items, starting bids are that amount or higher.  We will accept amounts of $1.00 increments for items under $50. and $5.00 for over $50. and up to $100. and then $10.00 for over $100.  You must be the bidder as we will not have time to watch "left bid" amounts.  Bids can be made in person at the shop, by phone or by e-mail (see below).  Winning bidders will be posted on the web and immediately be known at the shop.  Visit often and enjoy the auction.  Again, to bid you must register.  You never know what turns up.  Unsold items are listed for sale below.

 Auction SA107

This Silent Auction began on Tuesday at noon EST February 21, 2010 ~ and

Silent Auction will close at 6 PM EST Wednesday, March 5, 2010

Auction Closed

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We had our first silent auction and because of the time period we decided to concentrate on Christmas items, gifts and some collectable pieces that had accumulated around the store. Our intent now is to clear out the myriad amassment of shop things and move on to items of a collectable nature.  In the interim we will do a combination of both.  The first silent auction number was SA105.  Lots 1 thru 64.   Our second Silent Auction was SA106 which is closed.  This Silent Auction is SA107 and we have the lots below.  Some of the items not sold in SA106 are also included in this next auction.  Lots 1 thru 47.  Help us clear out the basement.   To Bid Register Below.

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Begin Silent Auction SA107 Item List ~This Auction is Closed You may submit bids via e-mail or phone 518-664-9743 sales@neaca.com

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Auction Closed

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Quarter Inch Tap 1 .JPG (59353 bytes)Quarter Inch Tap 2 .JPG (65526 bytes)SA107 Lot 1 ~  Litton Butterfield Co., Athol, Massachusetts Set of Quarter Inch Metal Taps.  One dozen brand new taps to the box.  Bought as Military Surplus so you know they are of the best quality.  New, one set, minimum bid $10.00.

High Bidder ~ Slick Willy $10.00

Following Unsold Items are now for Sale


Skill Tool Accessories 1 .JPG (71242 bytes)Skill Tool Accessories 2 .JPG (99136 bytes)SA107 Lot 2 ~  Five packages of new tools. One 10" Stanley SurForm replacement blade rasp and four Skill tools; two 1/4" and one 1/2" wood chisels and one 1 1/4" scraper. New, 5 packs, BUY NOW... $15.00.


Pair Brass Candle Holders 1 .JPG (76467 bytes)Pair Brass Candle Holders 2 .JPG (76093 bytes)SA107 Lot 3 ~  Pair of Brass Candle Holders.  Contemporary set of antique style holders, 5" base diameter and 2 1/2" high.  Excellent used condition.  Pair,      SOLD


SA107 Lot 4 ~  This is a group of 26 dug relics of the stone age or rather prehistoric era.  They are flint items from our American Indian ancestral past.  All were found some years ago where the Hudson River and Hoosick River join in the upstate New York area.  These appear to be mostly pieces of arrowheads or spear points or knife shards.  They range in a variety of flint with some having mixed composition in the stone.  These pieces are all Stone Age Flint Points 26 pcs 2 .JPG (63393 bytes)Stone Age Flint Points 26 pcs 3 .JPG (66934 bytes)representative of the flint chipping or working capabilities of man's early existence in this area.  Most edges are still sharp and each piece is unique. The larger ones in the center are about three inches in length.  View the close-up photos of each section by clicking your mouse.

  Stone Age Flint Points 26 pcs 4 .JPG (59042 bytes)Stone Age Flint Points 26 pcs 5 .JPG (59942 bytes)

For the complete set         SOLD



SA107 Lot 5 ~   Never know what turns up ... bleached 8" spread deer antlers and skull cap, three spinal column bones and 10 very nice teeth from a small carnivore, plus Deer Antler and Carnivor Teeth 2 .JPG (89812 bytes)what looks like a raptor talon.  I found these things years ago in various locales while "woods walking" in the Adirondack Mountains of New York.  Another of my many "treasures" that have been lying around in boxes for years.  BUY NOW ... $28.00.


Vintage Christmas Tree Cake Tins 1 .JPG (78797 bytes)Vintage Christmas Tree Cake Tins 2 .JPG (81404 bytes)SA107 Lot 6 ~   Vintage Christmas Tree Cake tins, set of two.  They measure about 10 1/4" high by 9 1/2" wide and are in overall fine condition.  For the pair the BUY NOW ... $11.00.


Vintage Three Tier Cake Tins 1 .JPG (81601 bytes)Vintage Three Tier Cake Tins 2 .JPG (80194 bytes)SA107 Lot 7 ~   Vintage three tier tin cake set.  Each measures in descending size 9", 7" and 6" and all are in fine condition.  BUY NOW ... $12.00.



Wilson Tier Heart Cake Kit 1 .JPG (106336 bytes)Wilson Tier Heart Cake Kit 2 .JPG (108265 bytes)SA107 Lot 8 ~   Wilton Cake Decorating Kit, in two tier heart shape, complete with decorating bag and colors as new in original box.  BUY NOW ... $10.00.


SA105 HRT16 John Deere Big John Bank 1999 .JPG (113072 bytes)SA107 Lot 10 ~ Big John Bank from John Deere Kids by Enesco, 1999 issue measures 8" long by 5 1/4" high.  New in box, there are some tatters to the box, SOLD



Grouping of Watch Parts 2 .JPG (101878 bytes)Grouping of Watch Parts 1 .JPG (83627 bytes)SA107 Lot 11 ~  Grouping of watch parts and old leather bands, these are from the 1950's to 70's. Seeing that I rarely throw anything out it is no wonder I found this pile stuff in a bag. BUY NOW ... $3.00


SA105 HRT32 Bird House Bait Shop 1.JPG (81594 bytes)SA105 HRT32 Bird House Bait Shop 2 .JPG (93473 bytes)SA107 Lot 12 ~  Decorative hanging birdhouse made in the design of a wood constructed "Bait Shop". Very cute design measuring 7 1/4" wide by 8 1/2" high, new condition.  There are two pieces available buy one or both.  BUY NOW ... $8.00.


SA105 HRT36 WR Berriss 738 Figurine 1.JPG (66787 bytes)SA105 HRT36 WR Berriss 738 Figurine 2 .JPG (64594 bytes)SA107 Lot 13 ~  W & R Berriss Company item No. 738 collectible, "Happiness is finding someone like you under my covers."  Made in USA dated 1970, measures 3 1/2" wide by 6" high, appears to be made from a resin or something similar.  BUY NOW ... $11.00.


SA105 HRT42 3 Boxed Avon Collectables .JPG (99877 bytes)SA107 Lot 14 ~ Three piece Avon group, consists of "Revolutionary War Soldier" without candle insert; "Sparkling Swirl" glass, candle has been partially burned; "Casey at the Bat", shaving mug without contents.  All with boxes, some box wear.  BUY NOW ... $10.00.


Avon Umbrella, Fishing pair .JPG (49679 bytes)SA107 Lot 15 ~ Avon pair of collector figures.  Moonwind cologne in "Tug A 'Brella," 8 1/2" tall.  Sonnet cologne in "Catch-A-Fish" figure, but missing fishing rod.  Both in excellent condition.  BUY NOW ... $9.00.


SA105 HRT45 English vintage Sandwich Cutters .JPG (94591 bytes)SA107 Lot 16 ~  Vintage, original box, c1940, all metal cake and sandwich (cookie) cutters.  Made in England, "Tala", six piece set.  Box states for "Bridge, Luncheon and all Party Occasions".  For size reference the star measures 3" point to point.  Cutters in as new condition, box shows age.  A unique and interesting collectable.  BUY NOW ... $35.00.


Lowrey DU 2nd Container 1 .JPG (73194 bytes)Lowrey DU 2nd Container 2 .JPG (91121 bytes)SA107 Lot 17 ~  Lowrey's Beef 2nd series of Ducks Unlimited collectable tin.  Approximately 7" tall and in as new condition except for slight ding in top edge.  Complete with original paper work.  A nice DU collectable.  BUY NOW ...$6.00.


Cookie Cutter Vintage Rabbit .JPG (94901 bytes)SA107 Lot 18 ~  This great vintage cookie cutter in the shape of a rabbit is formed metal with riveted handle. The depth of cut is 3/8" and the height is about 3" by 4" length.  In excellent condition.  BUY NOW ... $8.00.



SA107 Lot 22 ~ Black and Decker "Sharp 'n Sand" electric drill accessory.  This sanding unit is powered by your drill enabling one to sand wood or metal and sharpen tools or blades.  It is new in the box with all original accessories, marked 74- 495.  SOLD

Black and Decker Sharp and Sand 2 .JPG (85505 bytes)




SA107 Lot 23 ~ An item from the past, 1966 and in new original condition. A Kembric Cordless Electric Vacuum with accessories and paperwork.  Operates on batteries, is lightweight and made in the USA, marked No. 222.  BUY NOW ... $12.00.

Portable Vacuum 2 .JPG (87221 bytes)




Shop Vac Nozzel 2 .JPG (56818 bytes)SA107 Lot 24 ~ Shop Vac Accessory, a 10" wet and dry nozzle for 1 1/4" hose or adaptor.  In new condition, blister pack, made in USA, Williamsport, PA.  BUY NOW ... $10.00.



Three Sports Mugs 1 .JPG (82520 bytes)SA107 Lot 25 ~ Group of three team sports mugs.  Patriots Glass Mug about 7" tall; the Buffalo Bills, 1988 AFL Champs, Betras Plastic Supermug; Glass Blue Devils mug.  All three mugs for a BUY NOW ... $15.00.



SA107 Lot 26 ~ New York State Conservation License Button for a Resident for Hunting, Trapping and Fishing in the year 1926.  These are very collectable today and they were used from 1917 to 1941.  The celluloid coating on this one has NYS 1926 Hunting License Badge 2 .JPG (117533 bytes) split, which is not uncommon for this period button.  BUY NOW ... $40.00


NYS 1932 1928 Hunting License Badges .JPG (118961 bytes)




SA107 Lot 27 ~ New York State Conservation License Button for a Citizen Resident for Hunting, Trapping and Fishing in the year 1932. There is a design change in this one from the one above. These are very collectable today NYS 1932 Special Hunting License Badge 2 .JPG (120688 bytes) and they were used from 1917 to 1941. This is in fine condition. BUY NOW ...$55.00



SA107 Lot 28 ~ The "Official Chex Party Mix Chef" apron featuring the Peanuts Gang in color.  This is in new condition and is a standard size.  This fine older advertising item has a BUY NOW ... $16.00.

Peanuts Gang Chex Party Mix Apron 2 .JPG (77898 bytes)




Four Advertising Cook Books 1 .JPG (97314 bytes)SA107 Lot 29 ~ Four advertising cook books consisting of Creative "Cooking with Velveeta," 1987, 33 pages.  Favorite Recipes, "Quick and Easy Desserts," Borden, 1987, 33 pages. Favorite Recipes, "Great Tasting Chicken Recipes," 1987, 32 pages.  Campbell's "Creative Cooking with Soup," 1987, 32 pages.  For all four great books in new condition the BUY NOW ...$9.00.


SA107 Lot 32 ~  Grouping of Hall China, Autumn Leaf Pattern for the Jewel Tea Company, c1935. Group has 4 10", 4 8", 1 7" and 1 6" plate, plus 4 fruits, 1 soup plate, 3 cups and 2 11" platters.  There are twenty pieces that are in well used condition and all have at least one chip, more likely several.  Gold trim is mostly worn. The photos are much better than the product.  These items will not enhance any collection but can be used to feed cats, dogs or mother- in- laws in Jewel Tea Autumn Leaf Grouping 2 .JPG (60326 bytes)a pinch.  Best used under flower arrangements or as a best table setting when IRS Agents come checking the home.  In any case I can't bear to throw them out!!  Selling the lot for the small sum  BUY NOW ... $25.00.   SOLD
SA105 HRT28 Micky Mouse Calculator .JPG (87286 bytes)SA107 Lot 33 ~ Mickey Mouse calculator by Texas Instruments, copyright "The Walt Disney Co." made in China in 1993, is solar powered.  About 10 years old, in new condition in original unopened packaging. We have one of these left, last one sold in auction SA105 for $15.00.  BUY NOW ... $20.00 


SA107 Lot 34 ~  Walt Disney Character Appliques store counter card for retail sales.  This is a card we once had in our Fabric Department and these appliques were one of the best sellers.  There are 16 individual characters in color which were Licensed by Walt Disney Productions to Streamline Products and made by Clover, NY.  All made in the USA in the late 1970's.  The card is in excellent condition and the appliques are in new condition.  The Disney Character Emboidery Set 2 .JPG (91714 bytes)Disney Character Emboidery Set 3 .JPG (92537 bytes)BUY NOW ...on this unusual Disney item is $85.00.



SA107 Lot 35 ~ The Walt Disney Company plastic cards, same size as credit cards, three different ones. A Starry Nights Card, Fairy Tale Princess Card and Spots of Fun Card all Mfg. by O. S. P. Publishing, Inc. CA.  Housed in a soft Disney Trading Cards 2 .JPG (77774 bytes) plastic card file.  All in fine condition.  For all the BUY NOW ... $12.00.



Miss Cindy Stickers .JPG (75350 bytes)SA107 Lot 36 ~  Miss Cindy Puffy Stickers from 1983 by Laurie Import Ltd., NY.  Four different packs in new condition blister packs, about 8" high.  All four BUY NOW ... $12.00.



Puffy Stickers and Necklas .JPG (73515 bytes)SA107 Lot 37 ~  Group of play items including two Puffy Stickers of Cabbage Patch Dolls similar to company above, one Luminous Monster Sticker card, 1979 and one card with Hannah Jean Jeweled Eyeglass Cord by Greenbrier.  All in new condition.  BUY NOW ... $9.00.


Ghost Busters and Steisand Stickers .JPG (79811 bytes)SA107 Lot 38 ~ Puffy Stickers from the 1980's consisting of two of same cards from the movie "Ghost Busters" and one of a young Barbra Streisand, "Yentl" all in new blister pack condition.  BUY NOW ... $18.00.


GE Sun Lamp, 1970 .JPG (66501 bytes)SA107 Lot 39 ~  GE Sunlamp Kit new in the original box from the 1970's and it works as new. Comes with a 275 watt bulb, the instruction brochure, adjustable holder and scissor clamp.   BUY NOW ... $20.00.


Auto Memorabilia NYS Manual .JPG (69853 bytes)SA107 Lot 40 ~  Group of Automobilia Collectables consisting of NYS Driver's Manual, Dept. of Motor Vehicles, 1/70, Gov. Nelson Rockefeller; two Exxon plastic car clothes hangers; "Meilograph" Map Measurer & Compass in original case with paperwork (does not seem to work). BUY NOW ... for all $10.00


US Army Training Manual Grour, M88A1 .JPG (80335 bytes)SA107 Lot 42 ~ Lot of 3 US Army Training Manuals consisting of  Organizational Maintenance Operations FM29-2, 1975; Division Maint. Op., FM29-12, 1983; Operator's Manual for Recovery Vehicle M88A1, TM9-2350-258-10 C3, 1982; Pre-start Checks, M88A1; plus 4 misc. related manuals. All, BUY NOW ... $29.00.


Avon Group 3 Girls 2 .JPG (46751 bytes)Avon Group 3 Girls 1 .JPG (47650 bytes)SA107 Lot 43 ~ Avon group of three Girls with cologne.  "Dear Friends," about 6" tall, Roses, Roses co logne with contents; "Pretty Pink Girl" had Unforgettable cologne (some discoloration); "Little Kate," had Charisma cologne (has some discoloration) otherwise all in fine condition.  All three, BUY NOW ... $12.00.


Avon Lincoln, T Roosevelt .JPG (53082 bytes)SA107 Lot 44 ~ Avon pair of Presidents lot.  Abe Lincoln with Tai Winds after shave and Teddy Roosevelt with Wild Country after shave, both about 6 1/2" tall.  Both are in fine condition and the BUY NOW ... is $9.00.


Anchor MicroWare Cake Pan .JPG (64981 bytes)SA107 Lot 45 ~ Anchor Ovenware, Micro Ware Brand fluted cake pan, 3 1/2 quart in original box with instruction book, all in new condition. Marked PM498/T1.  BUY NOW ... $10.00.



SA107 Lot 47 ~  Where else would you find about 50, 1 3/8" (standard size) glass lenses for old flashlights, and other flash light parts?  Also a 1 1/2" smoke color glass lens. Would you believe you could probably sell each lens for $2.00 or more?  They also fit most Winchester Flashlights.  Well, Flashlight Parts, 50 Lenses 2 .JPG (92012 bytes) here they are and for the lot I would like a BUY NOW ... of $29.00.



End of Silent Auction List

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